About Us

Elsa Foundation is a non-profit charitable trust in India that focuses on the conservation of wildlife (which in turn enhances biodiversity and reduces the negative impact of climate change), prevention of cruelty to animals and animal rights issues of both domestic and wild animals.

It opposes keeping wild animals in captivity and exploiting wildlife for commercial benefits.

We have travelled to several countries to study best practices and implement them in India.

The foundation supports various government bodies, in informed policy-making and decision-making on critical issues impacting biodiversity and the rights of animals.

Our work areas are research, advocacy, awareness, publication, support in policy and decision-making.

The name of the foundation was kept in memory of the lioness Elsa that lived in Kenya from 1956 to 1961.

Elsa stands as an icon and role model for the survival of captive wild animals sent back to the wild.

Her life is a lesson that insists that animals have the right to live free.

Her legacy continues to inspire & motivate us all.

To know more about Elsa:


Read the book “Born Free” by Joy Adamson

Watch the movie “Born Free“, which was made based on the book

Elsa & Joy